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Just search for the substitutes (they all taste more or less same) Kaima(south india) jeerakasala(south india) ambhemohar(maharashtra) Kalijira(bangladesh) chinigura (bangladesh)


Drisheen the Mackerel shown in the picture on the web site you have linked is the most common mackerel in the world and are what are used worldwide in Sushi bars. For best results lightly salt the Mackerel first and leave the fillets in a fridge to allow the salt to remove excess water in the fillets. Make up a mixture of 100ml sushi vinegar 30ml sugar and ...


Simple: go to your local Japanese or Korean grocer. They will have your "good", oily, brown-fatted mackerel in the frozen section: look for or, better yet, ask for しおさば (shio-saba) in Japanese or godeung-eo in Korean. This is invariably filleted, salted, and quite cheap. This is most commonly served grilled, which is ridiculously easy: pop in the ...


Yes it does, frozen seafood is typically soaked in a Sodium Tripolyphosphate bath so it holds water weight. This is why a milky white liquid leaches out when you cook it. It has nothing to do with cells being broken. This is why sushi grade fish maintains its texture, its flash frozen. The more you know...

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