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#2 pasta is a very large noodled pasta with a hole in the center running the length of the noodle. It's like a spaghetti noodle only much thicker around. Used often in Greek dishes and esp with the mizythra cheese and browned butter recipe. It is very difficult to find.


Haha, that's hilarious. I suspect it's a catch-all legal disclaimer. Put "may spawn bank-robbing zombies" on all your food labels and no one can ever sue you when your zombies rob their bank accounts. It's really frustrating for people with food allergies: They have to avoid all foods with half-assed legal disclaimers instead of just foods that to ...


If this was processed at the store then there's a pretty good chance they process everything in close quarters where there is a reasonable chance it was packaged alongside some of the other store-packaged products that could contain some of these other things. I definitely would not expect fresh pineapple to include shellfish.


Although it doesn't explicitly say so, that's allergy information. It's just been processed in a place that also (potentially) processes those things, so it potentially contains a trace amount, which could be bad if you have a really sensitive allergy. It won't contain enough of those things to matter for any other purpose. Often labels like that are ...

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