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I generally microwave garlic cloves (as suggested by nachito above). 3-5 cloves 12 seconds works for me. Alternatively you can heat a pan and put cloves in it for a few minutes just to heat them up. That will separate the skin easily.


For my time, though I like the concept of peeling a bunch of cloves all at once, but I don't like the cleanup of an extra gadget. I recently learned a method, essentially as described at thekitchn, for firmly yet gently smashing the clove with the side of a chef-knife; the peel then comes off effortlessly. It works faster and easier than the rubberized ...


I built a little wooden impeller for my food processor that hits the cloves hard enough to peel them, but not hard enough to gouge or break them: The center piece is an old dough mixer blade for the food processor. The wood is maple; pine is too weak. The rubber flaps on the bottom, screwed on, keep the cloves moving so they'll collide with the wood. I've ...

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