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Sorry for the late answer. I would say that you did NOT use the wrong potato. In my experience russet potatoes end up MUCH softer than waxy or yellow potatoes, after cooking. That's the reason I only use russets when making mashed potatoes. I ran into a similar situation not too long ago. In this case I was using a mixture of russets and yellow potatoes, ...


are you talking about sous vide?


Hobgoblin is a dark brown ale and would work just fine as a replacement for Newcastle Nut Brown Ale for cooking purposes. Newcastle is more widely available than Hobgoblin, so is often used in recipes, but at the end of the day, any decent brown ale will do.


The Low and High settings both cook at the same temperature. The only difference is how long it takes to reach the simmer point before the temperature stabilize. So basically, both settings will stop at around 209 degrees and stay there until turned off. What's the difference between the Low and High cooking: ...

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