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I poach chicken, whole or parts, In my slow cooker in stock. To get that beautiful roasted look, I put in under the broiler and watch it VERY carefully. Since the poaching keeps it moist , the broiler will not dry it out.


There's a trick that you can use to avoid mushy vegetables -- add acid. America's Test Kitchen mentioned this trick when they made Austrian potato salad. Serious Eats specifically mentioned: Might as well just add the vinegar to the potatoes after they're cooked, right? But there's a very good reason to add a little vinegar to the potato's cooking ...


I've been trying different ideas on this for a while now. I can't get it done well so I've started to cook the vegetables separately. It only takes about fifteen minutes to gently boil them. I've been thinking about a second crock pot for the vegetables but have not done that yet.

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