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Yes. In fact, many, many people believe (falsely) that adding salt before or during cooking will keep beans hard (a myth addressed in your first link), and most of these people have been cooking perfectly good beans for many years without adding salt until the beans were fully cooked. The cooking time may vary slightly. In some circumstances, the texture ...


I would suggest you follow your plan, but reserve and refrigerate the cooking liquor to reheat the meat in, which will help with restoring juiciness. However, be very careful when reheating and keeping meat warm. The meat should not be in the danger zone (5-60°C/40-140°F) for more than 2 hours, cumulatively, throughout its 'lifetime'. You should avoid ...


As you're new to cooking, I'd actually advise you use the boneless skinless breasts that you mentioned, just because they're easier to deal with ... even if they don't have as much flavor. Although a slow cooker will work (I like canned chipotles for liquid, but I like heat), if you don't have one, or don't have the time to wait for it, here's my technique ...


Most recipes say to use a slow cooker, but some say boil. Why would one be better than the other? It is better to slow simmer. As a very general rule, it is better to moist cook meat or poultry slowly. It makes for a more tender, more luscious bit of meat. Sometimes I'd rather not reinvent the wheel, so I'll just show you this from Bon Appetit to ...


Is slow cooking in an oven safe with long cooking times might be relevant or even, for this task, a viable method. An oven offers some thermal buffering even if the heating element cycles, and can be monitored with an oven thermometer. Bringing the contents to the same temperature the oven is set to before putting them in might help.


Keller does octopus sous vide. I believe there is a recipe in his Under Pressure cookbook, but I don't have it at this location. I did a search on the web and came up with 77C (170.6 F) for 5 hours. Personally, I have had the best results with the oven method in your McGee Link.


vinegar(white) about 3" deep in basin add teaspoon mild dish soap swish into bubbles place lid in rubber in solution let it soak for 2 hours.... No more smell. If that doesn't work I don't know.

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