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Do it! Marsala is sweet, brine is salty. You may be on to something here... Really though, I always brine anything I roast or sous-vide. No issues here. EDIT: I would recommend using olive oil instead of butter if you are still worried. Not to mention Marsala + olive is delicious.


The best way that I have found to cook okra, and prevent it from being slimy is to avoid cooking it with moisture. If you dredge it in seasoned cornmeal, then pan fry it, you get none of the slime that is common to okra. I haven't done any tests to verify if a quick fry would then prevent it from developing slime if you then add liquid, however. If you're ...


I do think there is a maximum to the duration of stewing a cut of beef. There is in my opinion such a thing as too tender and soft. If you plan to cook the meat as one large chunk you will have to add a little to your normal stewing time, but I would not go as high as 15 hours. Cooking and re-heating is quite an interesting option though, as quite a few ...

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