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Keller does octopus sous vide. I believe there is a recipe in his Under Pressure cookbook, but I don't have it at this location. I did a search on the web and came up with 77C (170.6 F) for 5 hours. Personally, I have had the best results with the oven method in your McGee Link.


vinegar(white) about 3" deep in basin add teaspoon mild dish soap swish into bubbles place lid in rubber in solution let it soak for 2 hours.... No more smell. If that doesn't work I don't know.


Jefromi's stated the important food safety issue. I do think there could also be differences in the way the food cooks and breaks down. One thing I'm thinking of here is the way gelatin dissolves and breaks down differently when reheated compared to when it cooks originally. Stews taste differently on the second day partly because of the way the ...


Traditional sushi rice ("meshi") is defined by both the stickiness of its rice but also its lack of gumminess. Each grain of rice is supposed to remain distinct. The final component of sushi-meshi is of course the application of vinegar, which is supposed to evenly coat the outside of every grain. Proper application of vinegar is not possible unless the ...


The obvious downside is safety: each time you go through a heating and cooling cycle, your food will spend time in the danger zone. It's hard to guess exactly how long, but if it's a large volume and it takes an hour to cool to 40F and 15 minutes to heat back up to 140F, and you use the conservative end of the safe time range (2 hours) you might have a ...


This process is called confit. It is a french term meaning 'cooked in own juices'.


It will be safe and edible. It might not be quite as good. Part of the appeal of slow cookers is just the convenience of leaving them unattended. The other appeal is low-slow cooking that blends flavors and melts connective tissue without burning anything. Meat Cooking things faster and hotter will not make the meat as tender as it would be- but it will ...

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