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Seeing as canning is significantly different to pressure cooking, I'd say options 1,3,4, and 5 are somewhat sketchy and perhaps/probably unsafe. So either toss it out (better safe than sorry), or open the jars then boil the heck out of it (or pressure-cook it in the canner like you said) and freeze it (I'm hesitant to say this though as I dont want to be ...


I do not pre soak my barley for soup. Once I have browned the meat with onion and garlic I add a cap full of natural apple cider vinegar then start adding everything else. I add the containter of chicken stock into the pot, added my barley, diced potatoe and vegtables. I cook on medium heat then later lowered to simmer. I was done in no time.


I personally to be on the safe side would freeze it in another container. To freeze it inside the jars you would have to make sure you left enough room for expansion, which all foods to when frozen. If you didn't leave enough room to freeze in the jar, I would worry the lid would pop-off. That is why I feel your best bet would be freezing them in another ...


Perhaps you should try using more spices rather than more peppers. I do a lot of Cajun/creole dishes which are very hot. They do not rely on fresh peppers for their heat, they rely on powders. I use creole seasoning, cayenne pepper, black pepper and tabasco a lot. Also, you might try replacing the vinegar with lemon or lime juice. Again, that's what is ...

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