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If I need a quick sourdough style bread I would normally add a 3-4 tablespoons of my sourdough starter into normal yeast bread. Sourdough should be at least 24 hours since last feed.


Bubbles can be less prevalent with a fine-ground flour (e.g. most store bought flours). I observe more bubble formation using fairly coarse fresh ground flour (hard red wheat and a little triticale, at present). For unchlorinated water, let the water stand in a jar for a day before using (a smell test may make the chlorine in tap water fairly obvious). If ...


For a long discussion of the science and art of bread fermentation, I suggest finding a copy of "In Search of the Perfect Loaf: A Home Baker's Odyssey" by Samuel Fromartz. Some of his suggestions for developing a starter: Use water without chlorine Use a bit of raw honey Use organic whole rye flour Raise the acidity level with pineapple or apple juice


Shorten the intervals for feeding, prove in a warm environment, use a high LA starter to begin with, (mine started life as a mix of live yoghurt, wheat flour& an apple from my garden). Highly acidic stable leavenings can be faster... Mine doubles in size in 2hrs.

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