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Completely agree with derobert's answer, though the way to do all of this efficiently is through simple calculation. You just need to calculate how many feedings between batches of bread and then tailor the amount you save from your previous batch based on that. For example, the regimen you describe would be appropriate if your bakery requires 26 lbs. of ...


I've only baked at home, not commercially, but something sounds amiss if you're throwing away a ton of starter. [And wow, having a multi-lb starter!] You throw away starter to keep your starter from getting too big, when you're not baking with it. And I'd hope a commercial bakery is always baking with it. Example: if your starter is 4lbs and you're keeping ...


I put milk in yeast bread some of the time because it results in different taste and texture than using water. Nothing to do with critters, which will almost all be yeast from the yeast (and their great-grand-yeasts), rather than anything specific to the milk.

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