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Personal experience: longer fermentation times allows me to eat sourdough without problems. Too short: 7–12 hours, and I feel the effects pretty quickly. About right: ~24 hour range, and I can eat and feel good. Just beginning to test the limit of what I can eat in a sitting before I feel the effects, or even if there is a (reasonable) limit. Monash ...


In the fall, I made about five loaves of sour dough bread with a starter a friend gave me. Over the holidays, the starter was in the fridge for about five weeks without my using it. Then, after feeding it twice, it seemed to be back to normal and I made a standard sour dough white bread. It rose beautifully and looked great. However, it did not taste ...


You should be stirring ("aerating") your sourdough every twelve hours anyway. If a crust has formed, simply stir it in. If the crust really bothers you, stir more often, cover partially or use a closed container - it works equally well in my experience.

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