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Short answer: YES, a sourdough culture can change when moved to a different location. But the amount and types of shifts are unpredictable, and other factors (feeding schedule and regimen, kitchen conditions like temperature, nutrients from flour, etc.) can also cause significant changes. Also, environmental conditions can include not only microorganisms ...


I too have read a lot of websites where this has been debated, but I've never seen a definitive answer. My guess is that no one has ever bothered to do an objective examination of the ratios of specific strains of microorganisms found in a given starter pre- and post-move. My personal experience with cultures that I got from Sourdoughs International 10 ...


I have been using a starter I started with a Belgium blonde for some time now. I feed it every twelve hours because it stays out all the time. It has a great funky sour taste. I use it in everything. Never really worried about pH. It bubbles away and raises nice. I do sometimes add yeast though.


Sourdough starters are rarely completely ruined, unless you're growing significant amounts of mold or something. It is possible that your refrigerated "break" early in establishing your starter ended up hurting the yeast population and accidentally selected for something else (perhaps undesirable bacteria) that is now growing and creating odd odors. It's ...

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