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I wouldn't worry just yet, it won't die easily. You can dispose of half and try again. Have a look how much of the starter you need for the recipe. Put most (80%) of your starter into a separate container and top it up with equal quantities of water ( doesn't have to be warm) and flour ( I you organic wholemeal or rye) to match required amount, mix well and ...


When I've made sourdough, I've always had a very active starter. To get it active discard half of the starter, and then double it with equal volumes of water and flour. For example: If you have 2 cups of starter, dump out 1 cup, and add .5 cup water and .5 cup flour. Feed it twice a day. When you see vigorous fermentation between feedings, it's ready to ...


If you have the kind of sourdough starter that doesn't require extra yeast, do not use glass, as it can explode. I use a crock with a spring-loaded lid. Have had my starter for over 40 years.


I agree, milk makes a better starter - much more sour. If you want you can use nonfat milk, too! I use 1% - have done so ever since I started -- 10 or more years -- I tried switching to water, just didn't work well.

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