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The interior temperature will rise when searing after sous vide, though with a blowtorch that effect is probably minimal. With a pan or grill sear, I'd plan for the internal temperature to rise anywhere from a few degrees to 20 degrees or more, depending on the length and conditions of the sear. (1) First, let's consider a very short and very fast pan ...


Rather than using the sealer, use a ziplock bag: Before closing it completely, submerge all but the opened part in water. This will force the air out. Seal the last portion while submerged.


Keller does octopus sous vide. I believe there is a recipe in his Under Pressure cookbook, but I don't have it at this location. I did a search on the web and came up with 77C (170.6 F) for 5 hours. Personally, I have had the best results with the oven method in your McGee Link.

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