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Your typical Tamari is, to my understanding, going to be closer to dark than light soy sauce. So you'd want light as a second soy sauce. Inside Japan, there are five kinds of soy sauce: Koikuchi, which is your most typical soy sauce Usukuchi, which is lighter because it has fermented rice in it Tamari, which has more soy than wheat and thus is a bit ...


Tamari (which is essentially soy sauce made without using flour) is generally darker and richer than Chinese style soy sauces. Therefore it is closer to dark soy sauce, so if you want to balance it, go for a light soy sauce.


I simply toss my almonds (or edamame) in olive oil, dry roast them (single layer) about an hour. Remove from oven, let cool (a little), Spray them with "PAM" (olive oil), place in zip lock bag and toss in wasabi powder. The spray olive oil ensures that most all of wasabi powder adheres to the nuts. Be careful though~~~ the "spicy-ness" will blow your head ...

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