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Ok people here you have it. Finally the answer to should there be oil in the pasta. When my family and friends hear I am putting together my macaroni salad everyone asks me to make enough for them to take some home. This tells me what i am doing is the right way. Everyone loves my pasta. This makes me an expert. Therefore in my expert opinion YES you put a ...


Usually 100g to 150g of dried pasta per person is enough. For the sauce; depending on the sauce, 1/2 to 1/3 cup per person should be enough.


I would add that you will find the pasta sticks together when resting, so work a few tablespoons of neutral tasting oil through the cooked cooled pasta with gloved hands to separate the strands. In chain Italian restaurants, they cook off 5 kg at a time, cool it immediately in ice water, drain, refrigerate and oil. This keeps for 36 hrs. And can be portioned ...

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