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Salt: Added as a preservative and taste maker. And usually indeed lots of it. Very broad and coarsely put, salty is usually perceived as tasty. Corn / Potato starch: Added as a thickening agent. They also thicken sauces while keeping them more translucent than regular flour does, although I'm not sure if that's the reason they use those starches over ...


I can't tell you why it works - possibly alteration of sodium or calcium channel response in the taste receptors? - but I've seen Indian cooks use lemon or lime juice in much the same way to cut down the heat of a too-hot curry. It's definitely a done thing.


Having had the hardening of garlic granules problem for some time and tried all the other additives like rice and beans etc., without success, I finally came up with this solution and has worked well for me for the past 4 months. Remove the top from an empty tube of Vitamin effervescent tablets. With a sharp knife (I used a scalpel) cut off the soft spring ...

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