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"Mix with...required salt" is just a kind of awkward way of saying to mix in salt to taste. Might make more sense if you read it as "the salt required to make it taste how you want". Curd is basically a thick yogurt. As for how to use it... I certainly might try their recipe and see if you like it (whether it's canonical chicken tikka masala or not). But ...


The 'standard' Boursin flavour is garlic and herbs, which I would imagine would have to contain garlic, or they'd be in trouble for false advertising. However, these days they also produce other flavours like black pepper and chive and shallot. A cursory glance at the ingredients on their website shows no garlic in these latter two.


Plain omelette: parsely and chives. I'd be careful with woody, stalky herbs like rosemary; not because of the taste but because I don't want to chew on the hard pieces. Keep in mind that the omelette does not get cooked as long as other dishes where these work well. Then depending on the filling: anything with cream and fish may work with dill. Italian ...

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