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Galangal root is a possibility (more info). It's sort of like ginger that's been kicked up a notch on the hot/spicy axis. Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai stores will have it. There's also a powdered form available online. I've never tried that, but maybe it doesn't suffer the same terrible fate as powdered ginger. Prickly ash (Sichuan pepper) and Japanese ...


It's a tradeoff: salting (and using herbs or spices) a chicken under the skin, rather than on the surface of the skin, will result in a better-seasoned bird but it will make the presentation of the whole bird a bit less attractive, since the skin is no longer exactly where it should be. I've also noticed that the skin gets crispier when you salt it between ...


You must loosen the skin of the chicken with a dull object, like a spatula, then you can add the spices as you see fit. This video shows how to do it and adds some fat to keep the (turkey) chicken breast moist.


Try a tiny pinch of ground cloves. This is the secret ingredient in the creamed spinach at the Capital Grill.

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