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A Genoise/Genovese Cake can be made in various ways, you could try a more common french method: Whisking Egg Yolks with Sugar until "Ribbon Stage", Folding Meringue (Whisked Egg Whites and a little sugar to stiff peaks), Adding cool melted Butter and any other flavourings, Folding in sieved flour. An Angel food cake may have a similar method, but the ...


Guessing there was an accumulation of trapped air, either during the preparation of the batter/sponge cake mix, or when pouring into the pan/tin.


Michael Ruhlman talks about cooking in terms of ratios in his book: Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking. He says the basic Sponge Cake (close cousin of Sponge Pudding) is (ratios by weight): 1 part egg 1 part sugar 1 part flour 1 part butter And it works. This BBC recipe is along those lines. To your Q on ratios, to make or ...

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