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This is a little hard to do without making an epic mess. First, lay out a big piece of parchment or wax paper to catch the sprinkles that you are about to throw everywhere. Place your cake on it's platter over the parchment paper and tilt it so that you can apply sprinkles to the uppermost side. Don't tilt it so far that it slides off! Apply the sprinkles ...


If corn syrup works, it seems to me that simple syrup (i.e. a saturated solution of sugar and water) ought to work, too.


I've never tried doing it, but from my experience with getting flowers to stick with cakes, I'd say that part of the trick is the right consistency of icing, and working fast enough before the icing starts to set up. I'd probably apply the icing in three stages -- a crumb coat, let it set up, then a medium thickness icing so the cake doesn't show through, ...


Growing up, we'd whip up an egg white as a glue, but with today's concerns of salmonella, it might not be the best choice unless you have a local source of eggs, or use pasteurized eggs.


You could use egg whites, well beaten, (from pasteurized eggs), and a fine tipped squeeze bottle or a narrow paint brush to apply it, then sprinkle and let it dry.


You can use animal (hide) glue to make the sprinkles stick, similar to the adhesive on some envelopes that can be licked (or moistened otherwise) to activate the 'stickyness'. The content of the glue is not really that far off from the ingredients in dog food. Any gelatinous based adhesive would also probably do. While they offer no nutritional value, they ...

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