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I feed sourdough starter with strong white bread flour mixed with water to make a sloppy dough. This is a common method in the UK and it seems to work well.


The vibrations will have an effect: On you, because it will be harder to judge the "ripeness" of your refreshed sourdough. You often want to catch the point "just before its starts to go down again" - which will be hard to do when the shaking machine bursts the bubbles all the time. I doubt that the yeasts and bacteria in the starter will mind - they ...


If you want to ferment those beans (yes, it does make them easier to digest and has many other health properties) you'll need to brine them at the correct ratio of salt & water in a suitable container (where liquid level stays above the beans, keeping oxygen away). Your current method is not proper fermentation, and prone to yukky mold. Fermentation will ...


At the beginning, you are throwing out a lot because you are just feeding the culture. You're just seeding the growth medium (fresh flour and water) with the young culture, so you want to be sure that the ratio of food to culture is appropriate. Once the culture is established, you don't have to throw out any, but you do have to keep feeding it. This ...

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