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I buy outside skirt steaks for my restaurant and they are more flavorful, tender and expensive. They are more forgiving than inside skirts. If you over cook an inside skirt more than med rare it is leather. I have yet to find outside Skirt steaks in grocery stores. As of 6/29/15 21-28 day aged choice certified angus beef outside skirts are going for around ...


Here are some tips: Use a thicker cut of steak... A 6 oz NY Strip tends to be a very thin steak. You probably want at least a 10oz NY Strip if you plan on searing. If you are concerned about portion size, get a nice thick 12 oz NY Strip and cut it in half after cooking and you will have two nice thick 6 oz steaks suitable for post-sous-vide searing. Get ...


I rinsed mine and steak was perfect!!!


130 degrees is certainly the temperature to aim for, I'm thinking that it's the pan sear that did it. 1 minute in a pan is actually quite a bit for a thinner steak (at 6 ounces I'm thinking yours were maybe 1/2 - 3/4 inch), certainly enough to add 10-20 degrees or so to the steak's temperature and make it medium well. As for how to avoid it there's a few ...

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