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There's quite a bit of myth in here as well as recommendations that aren't the best way to go about things. You really can sear in butter..clarified or not. It burns horribly at temperatures high enough to sear. As for "cast iron" pans..they're OK if you have an old one like an early Griswald. New Cast Iron pans ( the last 35 years or so ) are not polished ...


I use a basic marinade of lemon juice (from the squeeze plastic lemon, not fresh), brown sugar, Dale's sauce and Worcestershire sauce, so it would be similar to a lemonade base (lemon juice and sugar) The lemon juice tenderizes and cuts the salt of the last two ingredients. Brown sugar also cuts the salt and gives it "caramel like" coloring. The Dale's and ...


for thick steaks, get the cast iron pan very very hot. Sear for 90 seconds Flip once, and put a pat of butter on top of steak (add herbs to it too) Throw it in the 400 degree PREHEATED oven for 4-5 minutes remov let sit for 2 minutes berfore cuttin. ENJOY>

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