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Any jar sold for home canning will work for what you want. They are designed to handle temperatures higher than 212°F/100°C. What you want to avoid is thermal shock - a large and rapid change of temperature. Don't put cool/cold jar(s) in boiling water, don't put hot jar(s) directly on cool counter or in refrigerator/freezer. Don't fill cold jar(s) with hot ...


Yes you can steam fish from frozen, it makes the timing a bit harder to judge without experience (obviously a defrosted fish is easier to control the timing). Also there will be more moisture released from the fish which may be a problem depending what you are steaming the fish in.


Idk why people think it can't be done in a pot, but can only be done in a rice cooker. I mean how did they cook rice before the electronic rice cooker was invented? I'm sure they didn't have 6 and 8 range burners, anyways I digress. Depends on the size (mainly thickness) of the fish. Rice typically takes 20 minutes to cook/boil, then a 10-15 minute steam....

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