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At least in the UK bivalves are treated with uv light which takes care of nasty hepatitis a etc. Logically a bivalve has to contract it's muscle to close therefore an open one before cooking is dead but not necessarily bad - we serve most other meats dead. I had a batch once where half were open on arrival and they tasted just fine ...I couldn't bear ...


Before steaming the clams, they should all be closed. If any of your clams are open, give them a tap and if they stay open, then it is bad and you should take it out of your batch to prevent it from ruining the other clams. After you have steamed the clams, most of them should be open. The few clams that stay closed doesn't necessarily mean they are bad. ...


I steam mine all the time because it makes them much easier to peel. I own a restaurant and I'm all about easy and fast. I agree that 10 minutes is plenty of time for them to be done.

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