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Once you've boiled the carcass, most of the juices, fats, etc. have been released. Trying to do a second pass will result in a much weaker stock. There's only so much that can be released, and it's already happened on the first pass. You should just choose one thing to make, or buy a second chicken, I'm afraid.


Maybe it's not fat but marrow from the inside of the bones - were they hollow after you'd cooked them?


The best way to strain stock is actually to siphon it off, that way you don't agitate the liquid as you pour the whole lot out. It's a simple process: Find a vessel to hold the strained stock and place the stockpot above it at a higher level. (I normally put a wide bowl in the sink and then the pot on the counter top; I've also used a stack of cookbooks ...


I run mine through a colander first, then through a sieve. Then I lay a single layer of cheese cloth over the top and press down wirh a spoon so its submerged a little all the way around. Put it in the fridge overnight. Next morning remove cheese cloth, which takes most of the coagulated and chilled fat with it. Run through clean folded cheese cloth in ...


A dish drying towel, folded double, held with elastic bands onto a juice pitcher works for a much clearer broth. Should you choose, you can dig out any bits from the residue (which I do for my dog's snack). Its quick. When the dripping slows a lot, gently slide a spoon over the surface of the towel, it pushes the "stuff" away enough to improve the flow.

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