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Most of the apple juice sold in the US at least is Pasteurized. So unopened, you should have no problem storing at room temp. Once you open the bottle, microorganism's can get in. With a sugary liquid like Apple juice, wild yeasts will find a happy home, and ferment up a bubbly alcoholic apple beverage for you. This can take a week or two to happen, and the ...


You need to keep it sealed for two reasons. First, everytime you add new cream, you are warming the top layer of the frozen cream, and constant temp changes will damage the consistency of the cream. So freeze separately. Secondly, by not sealing, you are exposing it to the oxidation and dehydrating elements of a freezer, you'll get 'freezerburn' on your ...


My dad does the exact same thing in India and he keeps it covered with a lid in the freezer if not sealed. And the cream does last for months like @ElendilTheTall suggested. The only other thing to consider is if electricity is a problem and there are power failures. Then the type of refrigerator comes into picture and whether yours is a frost type or the ...


This website: http://www.eatbydate.com/grains/rice-shelf-life-expiration-date/ has the following table. -------------------------------------------------------------------- | Dry | Pantry | Refrigerator | Freezer | -------------------------------------------------------------------- | White Rice | 4-5 Years | - ...


Rice has a pretty long shelf life. Are we talking about white rice, brown rice, or what? White rice, stored in the pantry, can last a good 4-5 years.


Basically there is no right or wrong advice here, mainly because most people don't know, and have never learned to trust their senses. Long story short: After cooking or flavoring there is no halfway reliable way determining 'rotten' foodstuff. Long story long: We're the product of billions of years of evolution. Two centuries ago nobody knew about ...


I believe that flour wouldn't go rancid nor spoiled for just two weeks. Spoiled flour smell like paint tho, and it taste quite bitter


It is absolutely untrue and very dangerous to think that "if it looks OK, and smells OK, it must be OK." If that were the case, food poisoning would be very rare. Food that we can sense is spoiled rarely causes illness. For one thing what you don't eat can't hurt you and people generally won't eat food that looks or smells spoiled. But less obviously, much ...


I fish in Alaska and have eaten 2 year frozen Salmon that was so freezer burned that I had to cut half of it away, but after 45 minutes on my Treager wood pellet grill it was delicious.


Interestingly enough, carrots last for a really long time in the fridge. I usually toss them out when they get that white, dry coating on them. In addition, there should be a 'best buy' date on the bag; use this as a general guideline, but most of the time, they are good past then. Fresh, whole carrots should last about 4-5 weeks in the fridge. Baby ...


Assuming the milk is pasteurised, frozen cream made with it should last for months in a clean, sealed container in the freezer. I would put each batch in a separate container though rather than putting room temperature cream in with already frozen.

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