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Sealed hard cheeses will indeed keep forever at 15 Celsius and below, unsealed they can go mouldy or so dry you can't cut them. Soft cheeses can't be stored past their expiration date, they are a perishable product. (As always, the "freezer stops the clock" rule applies, but you already said you don't like the resulting texture). In short, unless you ...


Glass is truly neutral. Plastics is not. Glass is non-porous, plastic is porous. Glass doesn't leach, plastic leaches. Glass containers are thicker than plastic containers, so stay colder by being a heavier heat sink (it stays colder longer because it takes more heat to warn that column of glass than it does to warm a paper thing plastic jug.


When I make quick pickles, I leave them out for a few days (~3-5 days) to get sour before storing them in the fridge. I use a standard, diluted white vinegar solution for mine. If you're using 100% vinegar, you should be fine keeping them out for at least 3-5 days. Vinegar is very inhospitable to pathogens (just make sure that the pickles are completely ...


I agree with Jay. If you live in a hot city (with temperatures above 30°C), I wouldn´t keep it out of the fridge more than a couple hours. Otherwise they should last at least five hours at room temperature.

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