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I have carrots (from different sources) consistently lasting a month IF: -They are whole, unpeeled, with no cuts -Are stored inside a resealable bag that you can easily squeeze the excess air out of to minimize dehydration. I have no firm experience on storing shredded, but you get a bit of an idea how long it might last by by how quickly it will go bad in ...


Ingredients: liqueur, acidity regulator (E331), emulsifier (E471), flavours (caffeine), colouring (caramel (E150b). Source: a food product inventory database The alcohol keeps the product from microbiological spoilage, the E331 (sodium Citrate) buffers the product form getting damaged by acids produced by any spoilage, and E471 (mono and diglycerides of ...


When Kombucha gets old it turns to vinegar, then one can make salad dressing out of it. I have been brewing booch for while now and that has been the ultimate out come. I double ferment with ginger and home grown berries so when mine get old, i all ready have a vinegarette waiting for me. Hope that helped

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