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We live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Fresh cream is imported in chilled packs from Australia and New Zealand. Not always available, even at the "better / more expensive" supermarkets. Freezing sounds like the best way to go, even if it can't be used as whipping cream after thawing.


After a couple of hours it will be unsafe if it was below 140 °F/60 °C during that time. Even if you resealed it, it wouldn't "undo" the bacterial growth that occurred during the time it was unsealed. So, no, it would not be safe to do this even if you could.


In a sealed package, (not getting into what date may be printed on it for "expiration") practically speaking, sealed and dry, it appears to keep "essentially forever." Once opened, not nearly so long, though that is not something I've done much personal experimentation with.


I would assume that it's for safety reasons. Not yours only, but the manufacturers' as well. At the plant the manufacturer can control the environment and make sure that the product leaves in a condition that should last for a certain time under specific conditions ( e.g. when refrigerated). Subtract a bit for safety and you have the manufacturers ...


According to the proper handling page on Rich's food service page for ready-to-whip products they state (in the last section) that the container should be thawed for 24-48 hours, then whipped. Any leftover liquid should not be re-frozen, but that it can be refrigerated for "up to 5 days."


I found they last longer if made with boiling instead of room temperature water. Which is not surprising since you will get far less long-stranded gluten formation this way (and since it is not leavened with yeast, you don't need any either). It seems some (but not most of the) chapati/roti recipes found on the internet also specify boiling water.


Welcome Daniel! From this article on IndiaCurry.com about storing chapatis: Storing Chapati for up to 2 days The Chapati may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days Let the Chapati cool to room temperature Wrap a stack of six Chapati in Aluminum foil. Put the foil stack in a sealable plastic bag, and close the seal Store the ...

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