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I'm reading up on this topic, this is the fourth web page I've read. According to the other sites: Everything so far has said store in: cool (60F/15C), warmer will make it sprout or go bad faster dry out of sunlight breathable (so not in plastic, not sealed) How long it will last on the shelf depends on what condition it's in: Whole bulb will store ...


I am currently eating Vegemite with a 25 Jun 13 "Best By" date. My Aussie friends said it never goes bad. No ill effects noticed yet. I keep it it the cupboard, not refrigerated.


Best-before dates aren't the same as use-by dates. Whilst you shouldn't consume a product after it's use-by date, best-before dates are more about quality than safety. Basically, after the best-before date, the product may start to deteriorate in terms of flavour, but that doesn't mean you can't still eat it. I'd expect that the salt content of Vegemite ...

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