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Vinegar is non-alcoholic, and my suggestion would be a brine of some sort, essentially pickling it. Alternatively you could just dry it out. I should also add - Ginger is a root, and can generally be kept fresh in a cool dark place (ie. a root cellar) for some time.


How long this will last depends largely on the ratio of sugar to water in the final syrup. Sugar can inhibit the growth of microbes by reducing the water activity of the solution, but this is dependent on the amount of sugar. According to a book that I consider quite reliable on these matters, a syrup composed of equal parts sugar and water (by mass, not ...


If I understand this article correctly, it's because of how the two different types of olives are made, and packaged safely. Most olives are green at first and then turn black/purple when they are ripe. Most black olives that are sold at the grocery store have been ripened artificially with certain substances/chemicals. These chemicals apparently are a good ...

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