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Store them as you would the unground beef. If it will be still be in date after a few days, store it in the fridge, otherwise, freeze them (separating the patties with a sheet of greaseproof paper).


When I worked the wheel at a local restaurant, we served 4oz medallions of filet mignon that went from fridge directly to grill. Only took about 5 minutes on each side, then the steak was plated and sent to the table. There was no "wait until room temp", oven or rest stage. The rest stage wasn't necessary because we weren't pre-slicing the steak before ...


Yes, as you said, the increased surface area makes it go bad faster. Not only that, but bacteria on top of the meat can now go to the middle with little resistance. Consider the expiration date of ground beef and whole beef slabs. Pork tends to go bad faster than beef, and freshly butchered pig smells of feces (especially right beneath the skin), but they ...


I'd guess there are many factors. For instance, in manufacturing, small differences in raw material cost and process requirements can have a big impact. However, in this case, I'd say it comes down to temperature resistance: polyester (PET or PETE) does not do well at high temperatures, PP does. A reusable cup for microwave use is going to have hot ...


Since forming patties takes very little time, I would minimize issues of sticking together or deforming by storing the ground meat as a lump (in a plastic bag well sealed for a day or two should be no problem) and then shaping it into patties as you use it.


As far as I have experienced steaks are rarely brought to room temperature before cooking except for steaks cooked 'bleu' or 'blue'. You also have to consider that kitchen equipment deliver much more heat than your regular domestic stove. Furthermore the cooking equipment eg chargrills, stoves, flat grills, etc... are always on, hot and ready to cook. In ...


This website: http://www.eatbydate.com/grains/rice-shelf-life-expiration-date/ has the following table. -------------------------------------------------------------------- | Dry | Pantry | Refrigerator | Freezer | -------------------------------------------------------------------- | White Rice | 4-5 Years | - ...

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