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This article indicates that the elevated temperature would retard staling, It has been shown that changes in the starch contributes about 93, 50 and 20 percent of the total crumb firmness at 20°C, 30°C and 36°C, respectively, during five days of storage. The results imply that changes in the starch in the crumb are about one-half and one-fourth ...


Summary: If the loaf is kept at an elevated temperature in a plastic bag for a period of 6-12 hours I believe you will see little to no difference compared to storing at room temperature. Stored at an elevated temperature in a paper bag the loaf will start to dry out to a noticeable extent. Note that the answer below does not address possible food safety ...


I would personally wait with assembling it until right before eating. Put the bread in a bag, the sliced chicken in a bag, and find a small container to keep the pesto in. Then you can assemble and heat on "grill" for a minute or so when you're ready to eat it. That should prevent any sogginess.

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