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I took an old refrigerator and placed a wine-making thermostat (with sensor mounted inside on top) which keeps the temperature around 60 to 62 degrees. Then a small computer fan was added by mounting it inside on an angle. This moves the air around throughout the whole interior. For power I used a small plug-in type transformer which satisfied the fan. ...


First, if you powdered it yourself, you should have added cornstarch, else it goes stone-hard quickly. Second, you have to keep it away from moisture. The bottle would have to be closed tightly, and you have to use a perfectly dry bottle, not a just-washed one. If you live in tropical region or somewhere else with really high moisture, a bottle may not be ...


While a similar question to this one, as @Athanasius points out, I think this question is different enough for a re-visit! The short story: Though it doesn't require immediate refrigeration, it's best to keep simple syrup tightly sealed and in the refrigerator; it will last longer. Even so, using it within a week to 10 days is best; it might last a month, ...


If you have the kind of sourdough starter that doesn't require extra yeast, do not use glass, as it can explode. I use a crock with a spring-loaded lid. Have had my starter for over 40 years.

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