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Is there any preservative chemical which can be used to preserve Orange juice?


They're not going to brown in the freezer. All you have to do is make sure they're not browned before you put them in, and that you cook them reasonably promptly when you take them out. So if you're shredding a lot, hold them in water til you're ready to cook them. After cooking, rinse to cool them, drain them well and pat them dry before freezing.


I majored in Bread Science at the University of Northhampton, near Oxford and from a purely British perspective, all your answers are wrong. Bread is meant to be consumed on a daily basis, ie. as in the Lord's prayer, "give us our daily bread. Any bread worth eating should be consumed ASAP and so there is no reason to own a "bread box." because there will be ...


Is dry ice available where you live? You can use it to kill bugs in grain. http://thefoodguys.com/dryice.html


The refrigerator will prevent the melting of the chocolate, but will add more serious problems - moisture through condensation. This causes sugar bloom, where the water dissolves the sugar, which basically ruins the piece. Usually this can be mitigated with airtight sealing and proper handling, but this works best for square chocolate bars. As it seems that ...


I've done a lot of reading on this subject - as well as quite a bit of my own experimenting - and this is what I've concluded: A highly concentrated simple syrup produced in a sterile environment and stored in sterile containers (with sterile caps) has a shelf life of at least a month as long as the containers remain unopened. I recommend glass bottles with ...

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