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Still Tasty gives raw eggs out of the shell 2-4 days. Since they rely on the USDA and other (conservative) sources, I'd go with 4 days for reasonable quality, perhaps a bit longer (assess your own risk) for safety. I can't really predict how it would affect quality, but you could certainly try freezing it if you wanted to try to keep it longer. As with all ...


This study shows that nearly one quarter of all refrigerators operate at an average temperature which exceeds [edited] the optimum average temperature of 5°C or 41°F (the FDA recommends 4°C or 40°F). So even with the door of your frig opened and closed the proper percentage(s) of the time, already there's a risk that the temperature of your cheese was less ...


It could, but the preshredded stuff is usually low moisture to start with. That cuts spoilage rate. Besides, the dairy aisle coolers from which the stuff is sold are often effectively refrigerators with the door left open themselves.


Almost certainly the cheese is fine, but it may grow moldy a bit faster than it would have otherwise. Just use it sooner rather than later (within a couple of days if you can). Check it for mold before each use, and throw away the whole bag if it shows any sign of mold or otherwise being "off".


Whole wheat flour will turn rancid faster than AP flour because the germ contains oil. For best baking results you should use the flour within one month (opened and unopened) (source: 1 and 2). You can use the flour even longer but it will taste rancid and the gluten won't work as well as in new flour (source: 3). As far as I know there are no health ...


if u think , your spices are getting moist and losing aroma or getting spoilt, u can slightly roast them for a minute on low flame and put them back into dry containers. This way spices will last long. and regarding Herbs I am clueless.


Moscafj's answer is technically true, but I don't think that you will have any problems with your containers. Exposing your spices to drafts, convection and change in humidity is a bad idea, it will make them lose their aroma quicker. This is why they say "airtight container" - so you don't keep them in an open jar. But if you have pinhole-sized holes in ...

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