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With reference to the first statement that electric heating elements used to hold a constant temperature compared to today's, clearly visible, on, off cycle of heat. Older manfgr's use to make controls with rheostats that allowed the user to adjust the flow of electricity thereby controlling the amount of electricity used to generate heat in the element. ...


The ceramic of a hob is very hard. When we fitted one of came with a scraper - a mounted razor blade. This is excellent for getting any surface muck off. You can buy "glass scrapers" which are the same and not expensive. There shouldn't be any chance below the surface.


It looks suspiciously like water that's been burned off at the edge of an overboiled pot. On ceramic tops you get two kinds of stain. You get grease/food burned on, and that'll turn black like the inside of your toaster over, and you get the white mineral stains which comes from water drying around the edges. The center usually stays clean because it gets ...

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