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yes, if it looks wet on the surface then it will splatter. One of the best investments I have ever made in the kitchen is to buy decent kitchen towels that don't turn to slush. I use them to thoroughly dry a steak or the skin side of a fish so that it can be brushed in oil cooked on a medium heat and crisp up nicely rather than char and splatter of the ...


Get a griddle pan. Not only will it stop splashes from the water / juice as it is trapped in the grooves, it caramelises the meat and leaves a beautiful criss-cross pattern if you turn it 90° as you cook it. Make sure you season the steak well too. Bonus: deglaze the griddle with Jameson whiskey, add the juice to reduced cream & pepper for the nicest ...


In Scandinavia we have this thing: The "lid" is a thin wire mesh that allows steam to escape and keeps most of the oil in. I have no idea what it is called in english :-)


You need to realize that oil doesn't splatter, water does. In fact, you could heat oil until it catches fire without any mayor movement. But the moment water reaches the oil, which in a hot pan is way beyond the boiling point for water, it will instantly turn into steam, expand and pull oil drops with it. So apart from lowering the heat - which is not what ...

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