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A search of the internet for "buttered sugar" comes up exclusively with variations of the this list on various websites that list alternative names for sugar. Of these only one "Returning to nature" lists it as a synonymy for buttercream. It is possible that site is correct and "buttered sugar" is a possibly rarely used alternate name for buttercream. I ...


Basically melted butter mixed with sugar. I've think of this two ways: 1) spread butter over the toast and then sprinkle sugar over. 2) in baking context we usually mix the soft butter with sugar into this mixture before adding other ingredients. This is also called creaming.


If reducing the sugar, add a 1/2-teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of flour. The flour will help balance the change in the dry-to-wet ingredient ratio, and the added salt will help to bring out the flavors of the butter cake.


If speed is the main requirement, you can't get any faster than a Magic Bullet.


Examining a commercial version (a not HFCS commercial version, for a wonder) it's mostly water, "27% cranberry juice", sugar, and "flavors." So if you have 100% juice, you'll probably have something the consistency of a syrup by the time you have enough sugar to make it sweet. The widespread solution is to dilute with water - thus, "cranberry juice ...


It is very simple, you just have to heat it long enough. It can even happen by accident :) The taste is a mixture of bitter and sour, while the smell component is mostly towards something burnt. Also, your assumption "because of the uncaramelized sugar mixed in the caramel" is incorrect, or at least incomplete. There usually is such sugar, but many of ...


Glucose is used to supersaturate the refined sugar. Without it, the refined sugar would crystallize after some time. We don't want our marshmallow to be like that.

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