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This is likely to be guar or xanthan gum http://www.uwec.edu/Dining/locations/upload/SushiDO_Ingredients.pdf (Look at one of the items like a Philadelphia roll). Not very appetising but does keep in 'kind of' fresh


As the comments already cover, thou shalt not trifle with the sanitation department rules if you want to stay in the business. You might try tighter gloves or gloves of different (but still acceptable to the sanitation department) plastics/rubbers, or with different surface textures. Many "food service gloves" seem to the purchased on the one size fits none ...


Nori is like anything, the more you pay the better the quality. The better the quality, means its usually a bit thinner and consumes better. Cheap seaweed will be a bit thicker and once the moisture gets in it, will be chewy. Generally, the Japanese seaweed is much better than chinese made seaweed, but as its about 4 times the price, most supermarkets only ...


Seasoning the rice is done after the rice is cooked and the water has evaporated. You wouldn't want the water to dilute the seasoning, you want the rice to become sticky and clumped up. How to make sushi


sushi grade fish is typically salt water fish that has been frozen under very low temperatures to ensure that any harmful bacteria and parasites are killed off. Fresh water fish is not used in sushi because it is considered to be more polluted by the human environment then the saltwater fish. Source: http://osmsushi.com/sushi-near-me/

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