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Temperature is certainly important. If you start out with a hard candy straight from the pot you're gonna be largely out of luck regardless. But really, the signature taffy texture comes from the continual pulling, folding, pulling that happens after you remove it from the heat. Pulling taffy works lots of air into it and stretches out the strands of sugar ...


In the past, I have softened taffy in the microwave thus making it pliable, then wrapped the soft taffy around an apple. This may sound unorthodox, but I find this to be an effective way to deal with any surplus taffy.


This is going to sound odd, but taffy is actually a great ingredient in sweeter coffee drinks like mochas. It melts into the drink adding sugar and flavor. I'm a fan of banana for this purpose. In a similar vein, you could also use the taffy as a chip in cookies. Chop it up and use it wherever you think banana flavor would taste good. I could imagine ...

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