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For the amateur, less efficient or less experienced tea brewer like myself (even though I've been drinking tea for 35+ years) if your tea is bitter look at the following: water is too hot; I'm finding it's best not to boil the water (finer details are listed under Laura's response). I think that's why sun tea is so good, water is never exceedingly hot. ...


No. Caffeine is extremely soluble in water. So all the caffeine comes out within the first 10 seconds of brewing.


I do this too. I add lemon, plus I add honey to the water first before pouring it over the tea. Sometimes a smidgen of sugar. The sugar and honey help take away some of the acidity but it has to be in the water first and mixed up. Then steep the tea. Then after the tea is made and steeped, I'll add a little bit of milk. **Also if you put a lot of lemon ...


All the correspondents seemed to have mislaid the chemistry and physics from early school lessons as I remember water is composed of two atoms of Hydrogen and one of oxygen, if one were to remove the oxygen as suggested then to be sure we are left with H2 which at NTP (normal temperature and pressure) occurs as a highly flammable gas, plus you would need a ...

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