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Plant matter + heat + moisture = potential bacterial growth in only a few hours. Don't reheat tea, unsafe and pretty gross. If you can't afford the tea you use, buy cheaper tea. Single caveat, if it's continuously steeping and being drunk then no biggie. But if you're talking about leaving it out, don't do that.


I would place those used tea bags in the freezer until you are ready to reuse.


Having a citrus juice in iced tea certainly isn't a new concept. However, there is no official name for half orange and half iced tea drinks. So you may call it whatever you wish.


I don't have specifics but from my experience something like a green tea (I like genmaicha although I may have spelled it wrong) I used to just dump about a spoonful into my mug, and fill with hot water (at whatever temp it came out of the instant-hot-water-tap). I'd filter the tea with my lips as I was drinking it and then just refill with hot water a ...


I deleted my previous answer as, after doing more research, there doesn't appear to be as much difference in the two as I initially thought. After reading more information on each tea, I think this post on teadog.com sums it up quite nicely: Yorkshire Gold Tea and Yorkshire Red are among the most popular English Teas in the US. Do you know the ...

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