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The webadress "" and the text "This unit not labeled for retail sale" tell you that this is the tea mix Unilever delivers to restaurants, senior homes etc. The rainforest alliance logo is used for coffee and black tea, so it's not herbal tea. (That the menu lists both, only means both are available, typically for the same price; without qualifier ...


Lipton brands it's tea as "Orange Pekoe", which this essentially means it's black tea from India or Sri Lanka. Black tea has caffeine in it, Lipton averages at about 40mg per cup, which is pretty moderate compared to coffee, but is not caffeine free like some herbal teas.


Pick your leaves and pluck off the little stem. Put them into a large paper grocery bag. Roll the top closed, but do not flatten the bag. Set the bag out in the sun, and shake up the leaves inside to rearrange them periodically. When I lived in California, it took three days at the longest to dry my leaves, and they stayed nicely green because of no direct ...


You can dry herbs, chillies etc. in an oven, if your oven goes low enough. A dough proving setting is good though you can go just a little warmer. If the door makes a tight seal the moisture can't get out, so it's worth opening the door just a little once it's up to temperature. If you find you're making a habit of drying food, a food dehydrator is a good ...

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