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Technically, your idea seems sound. But I wouldn't do it. What you are proposing to do in your electric kettle is very close to the standards for flash pasteurization. According to wikipedia, the standard procedure for flash pasteurization is to heat and circulate the liquid at 71.5 °C (160 °F) to 74 °C (165 °F), for about 15 to 30 seconds, which results in ...


You cannot boil water at 70 Celsius. Maybe this is a language problem; "boiling" means taking water to the state where there are lively bubbles popping on the surface all the time, and it is steaming profusely. It boils at 100 Celsius at sea level and a little bit below it when you get higher, but the difference isn't that much. Even in the highest towns in ...


For the amateur, less efficient or less experienced tea brewer like myself (even though I've been drinking tea for 35+ years) if your tea is bitter look at the following: water is too hot; I'm finding it's best not to boil the water (finer details are listed under Laura's response). I think that's why sun tea is so good, water is never exceedingly hot. ...


No. Caffeine is extremely soluble in water. So all the caffeine comes out within the first 10 seconds of brewing.

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