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I deleted my previous answer as, after doing more research, there doesn't appear to be as much difference in the two as I initially thought. After reading more information on each tea, I think this post on teadog.com sums it up quite nicely: Yorkshire Gold Tea and Yorkshire Red are among the most popular English Teas in the US. Do you know the ...


A method I've liked for (somewhat) convenient, and well extracted brews is to use my French press and fresh, loose leaves. Steeping and then pressing allows for a decent extraction, and still fairly simple cleanup. After removing and rinsing the press, I add a minimal (1/4 - 1/2 cup of water) and just get the leaves swirling, then dump them in the ...


It's cheaper to make beet sugar than cane sugar; beet sugar involves only a one-step process whereas cane sugar involves two-step process. Only Teavana profits from this by marketing it as better than cane and charging a higher price.


well now, call me barmy, but I actually rather like the milk curds. They're fresh, it's not as if the milk has gone to rot? Isn't that how you make mozzarella cheese?


Those particles are bits of tea leaves (etc.) that came out of the tea bags. They're fine enough particles to get through the bags. Basically, tea dust. You don't notice them at first because they're suspended in the tea. So you could just stir it up before pouring off each cup. Alternatively, disturb the pitcher as minimally as possible, and pour off the ...


A denture cleaning tablet, used as instructed, followed by a little brush action does a pretty good job of cleaning up a tea filter cup! I've also used it on my tea cups to clean the insides.


Tea is made from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which can grow in many parts of the world 25% of the leaf dry mater is the Catechin Polyphenols. This is present in all main tea types (white, green, and black). They also contain other Polyphenols like Theaflavins, Tannins, and some Flavonoids Catechin is the main Flavanol (not a Flavonols) present ...

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