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I like Fuzzychefs idea for bring the strata up to temp. The recipes I have do say to let the strata sit for 30 minutes or more, but I always understood that to mean if you are not making it ahead of time to give the eggs and other liquids enough time to soak into the bread.


When I make brownies I make the Ghirardelli brand, usually caramel turtle. Today I baked 1 box Ghirardelli ultimate fudge box that came with a chocolate pouch. I added about 1/2 cup of mini chocolate chips in the mix and baked in the mini cupcake pan. I sprayed across the whole pan then wiped down the top so it wouldn't bake on, and since it can get messy I ...


This largely depends on what you cook, and how picky you are about the results. If you cook steak and eggs type dishes, and aren't too picky about steak done-ness, then sure, skip the thermometer. Although I would definitely use one for steaks. But I'm very picky about how done my steak is. Larger meats, such as roasts, I would consider a thermometer ...


Before a thermometer in my low-price oven, I didn't know if it was well calibrated or not. My mom's was way off, explaining some burns. I also adjusted the pre-heat oven time, sometimes completely unnecessary. I also found out that steps of 30 C/50 F are enough to adjust up or down, ignoring smaller 10 C/25 F intermediate steps. Before a thermometer in my ...


Cooking thermometers aren't essential, but they sure are damn useful. They simply take the guesswork out of temperature, which is of course critical to cooking. Why guess when that expensive steak is done to your liking when you can stick a $10 digital doohicky in there and be certain? Why do something incredibly dangerous like drop water in hot oil when you ...


Thermometers are really practical when you do not have a lot of experience cooking things; it let you keep track of the proper food temperature. For example, I do not cook beef roasts often, so I will use a thermometer to not mess up my cooking and waste a good amount of money on a good cut of meat. Thermometers are essential for confectioneries where ...


In the U.S. Yellow Squash is the second one pictured. It is a staple here during the summer months. Also tasty sautéed with Vidalia or sweet onions.

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