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You always treat rabbit like chicken ;) temps are same. cook well. internal temp 165 . 2pounders are best for pan frying. Stew ..braising... baking..roasting.. all great ways to make rabbit :)


In my experience the secret to great roux sauce is to add the milk very slowly at the beginning. Keeping the hob temperature low, add a splash of milk to the butter/flour mixture, stir, and repeat. Gradually increase the amount of milk added in each turn, and soon you'll have a smooth white sauce with no lumps. When the sauce is looking more liquid than ...


There are a couple of places where the ability to get to 120˚C might be useful. You've already touched on one, which is cooking sugar. With a range up to 120˚C you get up to the firm ball stage, allowing you to make syrups, fudge, caramel, fondant, butter creams, marshmallows, meringues, and toffees. You can get some caramelization (mostly of fructose) at ...

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