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Pull the meat off the grill about 5 to 10 degrees below the desired tem because the meat wil continue to "cook" and rise in temp....so after 5 to 10 minutes your meat will be ready to carve and serve....


Draksia gave the best answer if you're going to be doing this a lot. If you're not, a few things that the average person is more likely to have, or can get relatively cheaply: To keep things cool: Find two vessels that nest inside of each other, with decent sides, fill the larger one with ice, then place the smaller one on top, with the food inside it. ...


Depending how many people you have over, and assuming the party is at your house, a lot of that is just fine at lukewarm rather than piping hot; you could stuff the pasta and chicken into an oven set to "Warm" or "200F" or whatever the lowest heat is, which keeps it dry and warm, and keep the desserts in the fridge, covered to prevent moisture. If you're ...


Standard answer is hotel pans and chaffing dishes with alcohol burners for the hot items. Double hotel pans with ice between them for the cold items. Coolers work well for storing items before serve. Things that are fried though would do much better in an oven set to the lowest temp, coolers will trap moisture and they will lose their crispness. Chafing ...


It depends on how you are using it. Most likely, as the other users suggest, you must heat it when combining with other ingredients so they bond together via the heat, and your recipe will set into a gel by chilling the mixture. For instance, if you are creating a silky gel topping - less firm (example: raspberry foam topped Prosecco), it is also best to use ...


We were talking 145°C (63°F) not 165°C (74°F). I just tried it and the pork came out pink. Over here in the UK we like pink lamb and even steak tartare but pink pork will take another century or so despite what the US may tell us we are still advised to cook pork to 79°C (174°F).


145 F may well break down collagen but does it kill the nasty little Trichinella spiralis that pigs can harbor. Thiat is why 205F for pork came into being because that ensured the little horrors were killed.

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