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Two ideas come to mind. First, 'instant' rice or noodles are likely precooked or partially so, or otherwise processed so that cooking isn't required to be digestible (the hot water serving to rehydrate and warm the food instead). It is likely that a longer soak in cold water would be able to rehydrate them, and they would likely be much more digestible ...


Commercial thawing cabinets alternate between gentle heat and refrigeration. The operating manual for the Williams OT1 lists the heating cycle being +2°C/36°F and cooling cycle -1°C/30°F.


I'm in the process of making brownie bites. Using the King Arthur Flour Ultimate Chewy Brownie recipe. (Not a sales pitch; I have several to choose from but like this best.) Using a 2 doz tin and a #40 baking scoop, spritz with a touch of oil then bake for 16 mins in a 350°F oven. They come out just right for me. Not fudgey, mind you, but soft and moist.

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