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There are two common categories of Japanese korokke, one made with potato or another starchy vegetable (kabocha, a Japanese squash, is also common), and the other made with a roux, typically with corn and/or crab, called a cream korokke. In a vegetable-based one, which may have additions like ground beef, sesame seeds, certain pickled vegetables, or other ...


Croquettes should essentially have the texture of mashed potato inside. If they are too dry, you probably overcooked them, which would just boil all the moisture away.


First, it is the ingredients. For example, shortbread cookies don't have liquid, while other types do have liquid. This makes them quite different. Also, there might be ingredients you didn't pay much attention to (mono- and diglycerides, for example, which might have been present at the end as an E number only), but they still can change the mouthfeel a ...

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