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Get a rice cooker, first of all. Perfect rice every time with no effort. Secondly if you want rice that sticks together well, use nishiki white rice and do 1.5 to 2 parts water to rice in your cooker. Don't use oil. When your cooker flips from "cook" to "warm" let it sit at warm for 30 minutes. If you want rice that doesn't stick, use 1:1 ratio ...


If we are using melting butter in cookies then the cookies will become chewer in taste.There are some ingredients that are used while baking cookies to make them perfect in taste and texture.These are baking powder,softened butter,egg,brown sugar,white sugar.


I just had this happen to me when making an alfredo sauce, but I managed to fix it! I had TRIED to go gentle, adding some hot milk to the yogurt and thinning it first, then adding it 1/4 by 1/4 into the larger pot. When it still separated, I turned the heat off immediately. Then, in a pot on the side, I made a basic bechamel sauce (no onions, herbs, etc - ...

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