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as an ex professional chef,can I weigh in ?? In the trade, we used to get whole, gutted chickens. After we had removed the breasts and thighs, and some times, the wings also, we would end up with a couple of 100 carcasses, which would go into a big stock pot, bones, bits of meat, skin, fat, even the occasional feather ! To that you would add carrot, leek, ...


A blended sauce uses starch suspended in a small amount of cold liquid. This is typically the method used for starches such as cornstarch or arrowroot. The starches blended with the cold liquid, then poured into the hot base and stirred until it thickens.


I've used chia seeds - you won't get QUITE the thickness of pectin but it does get that goopy texture! see recipe here: http://happystronghome.com/raw-strawberry-jam-gelatin-free-no-cook/

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