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The primary thickening agent in flour is the starch. The browning of Your roux is a chemical reaction that uses up starch that can be used to thicken to make delicious ness.


Jefromi has already given a thorough answer, but I'd like to offer some advice about reducing the sauce. Any time you are trying to get rid of liquid, you want as much surface area as possible. As suggested in Jefromi's answer, you can reduce the tomatoes in the oven on shallow baking trays (and if you're doing a larger quantity this is definitely the way ...


Fresh tomatoes are insanely watery, so you're starting at a pretty big disadvantage here. Trying to fix it with a thickening agent alone might not be the best plan. That said, if you want a short answer: use tomato paste, whether homemade or storebought. It'll thicken and improve the flavor. Watery tomato sauce usually has watery flavor, not just watery ...


After you pureed the pumpkin you need to cook it down in a pan to concentrate the flavor and evaporate excess liquid.


Just add more ice. I was a bartender for years. Don't use guar gum. If it's too soupy then add more ice a few cubes at a time. I use blenders and have never used a margaritaVille mixer so that might be the issue. If you take a pint glass and fill it heaping with ice put it in the blender. Then add 2 ounces of tequila and 1 Oz of triple sec, or ...

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