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Add a tiny bit of fish sauce (depending on how strictly vegetarian you are). It really adds a little something to a curry.


Use a thicker coconut milk (like 'Chef's Choice' brand). Cheaper brands are less thick, and do so by just having more water. Thicker coconut milk also is more intensely flavored (including sweeter).


If available, add Kaffir Lime leaves to the coconut milk. They go a surprisingly long way in adding a more authentic Thai taste. It adds more sweet & savory flavor; not like something like Bay leaves at all.


Fry the tofu ideally in a cast iron pan. Otherwise anything but non-stick is also more preferable (i.e: steel). That helps caramelize the surface more, which non-sticks don't really do at all (they just singe).


Toast the curry paste in oil before adding to coconut milk. Toasting brings out the flavor of the spices in the paste, just like the classic technique of toasting spices themselves.


I have an old SoyaQuick (mine has a filter, newer models don't), and I think it was largely a cleaning concern. The tiny perforations in the filter clogged very easily, and the instruction manual had a whole section of bizarre tips for cleaning it (soak it in bleach! squeeze a soapy sponge to one side to force the suds through!) There's also some marketing ...

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