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In the future buy real Italian tomato paste in the tube. You'll use it all up, it lasts and lasts.


The tomato variety used (for centuries) in most parts of Mexico for making salsa is the one called "Jitomate" the Jitomate is a (red) tomato that has an oval form and a belly button, normally smaller than round tomato. Its flavor is more intense than the round tomato, it is ideal for pico de gallo, boiled and grilled sauces. In the us you can find it in most ...


Use your can opener on both ends of the can. They will both continue to stick to the tomato paste, especially the one on the bottom because gravity's had its way. So slowly pull up and grab one edge of the top lid. Then slide it off, pressing it against the lip of the can. Everything that was attached to it will now still be in the can. Carefully discard it. ...


It might be there for body, but more likely for the umami kick that tomato past helps with. I bet you could leave it out with no ill effect...otherwise, try some ketchup. You could also open the small can, use what you need and put the rest in a baggy in the freezer.

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