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We buy large cans at home just like you do. We prevent it from spoiling by freezing it. Stored in the freezer the paste stays good for months, it's just a matter of correct storage. What we do is the following: spoon a portion into a plastic bag -> twist the bag around several times -> tie off with a tierib (we use the thingies you get in the package with ...


You can get a decent idea just from nutrition labels. Tomatoes are the only ingredient, so pretty much all the numbers on the nutrition label are proportional to the amount of tomatoes in the can. Calories have the most granularity, so: peeled whole tomatoes: 0.21 calories/gram diced tomatoes: 0.21 calories/gram tomato sauce: 0.33 calories/gram crushed ...


Ratio should be 1 onion and 2 tomatoes.reason is onion is naturally sweet in taste and when u caramelised it it's become more sweet so adding double quantity of tomato help to balance the sweet in ur gravy.

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