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It's not a knock-off, per se—but this particular brand has never been imported from Italy. "San Marzano" is a variety of plum tomato, as well as a protected designation of origin for those tomatoes grown in a specific region and in a traditional way. There is no single "San Marzano" brand or trademark owned by a particular company, and the name is not ...


In a sense, yes, those are knock-offs. They may be grown in the US from San Marzano seeds. For comparison, here is the label from tomatoes grown in the US from San Marzano seeds, produced by the same company: From Cooks Illustrated: Until I wrote this answer, I was under the impression that the San Marzano brand in my picture were actual ...


There's a ONU/CEE (in french) norm about dried tomatoes. In PDF: I am not certain if that is what you are looking for. I did not find an English version.


Tomato paste is far more concentrated, and it's produced by actually cooking down the tomatoes a couple times. Since tomatoes contain a lot of sugar, this will actually caramelize those somewhat and produce a richer, sweeter flavor. Even canned tomatoes will taste more acidic and less sweet. So your finished dish will likely follow suit - it'll be a bit ...

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