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Tomato Sandwiches: Use 2 slices of good hearty bread for these - I like a dense multigrain bread best. Spread cream cheese on one side and top with sliced tomatoes. Sprinkle with salt & pepper or your seasonings of choice. Add some greens if you like - fresh leaf lettuce is perfect; for more intense flavor, arugula is great. Alfalfa sprouts are also ...


I learned that using an electric blender adds oxygen to the sauce and changes the red to orange (like beating egg yolks lightens them from orange to a pale yellow). If you use a food mill, you don't beat in oxygen, and the tomato sauce stays red.


I think it is mixing the basil with the other ingredients. My sauce stays red, half my family like it chunky, the other half prefer blended. The blended changes to orange color.


According to me, it's better to store ripe tomatoes outside the fridge, stem-end down to keep them from rotting too quickly. And I found great tip on storing unripe tomatoes and making them ripen faster: http://www.listonic.com/protips/get/ozhdfpuszg <--I can only add, that you should put tomatoes and banana in paper bag.


1.333x water as tomato paste = unseasoned tomato sauce


From watching food shows and trying myself. If you cut tomatoes in slices and salt them, let them sit for 20 minutes, it will draw out the extra water. It works for me. Good luck!

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