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I would like to emphasize the sentiment given in the answer above that tomatoes shouldn't be bitter. If you are using canned tomatoes, consider moving to a different brand to give you a fresher and brighter tomato taste. Having said that, I would also offer you another alternative called a gastrique to use as a way of finishing-off your tomato sauce. ...


IMO, tomatoes should not be "bitter" it should become sweeter as it cooks down; usually we add some sugar to remove some of the acidity, but not the bitterness. Use fresh, ripe and in season tomatoes; leave them out of the fridge. I suggest slowly softening onions (up to before they turn brown) in oil (instead of boiling it); that should bring up some ...


Some quick things which you may or may not find in your nearby stores which can act as sweetners: Honey Jaggery Corn Syrup Some citrus fruits like oranges Berries Winter Squash like Acorn, Butternut

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