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Where does the temperature readout come from? I would be very curious indeed about the results of measuring the temperature with a thermometer directly in the oil. As far as I know there is no exothermal chemical reaction between meat and oil, so adding a colder piece of meat to hot oil should ALWAYS reduce the temperature of the total volume (assuming ...


It may not have a formal name. If this were water treatment, we'd likely call it 'sludge'. Although it's possible that you missed some of the fat, it's very unlikely that it would be 2 inches thick. What's more likely is that the gravy is still undergoing some sort of settling, and that's what you're seeing: Type 1 settling : Free-settling : iImpurities ...


There doesn't appear to be a name specifically for that layer. The closest I could come to anything like that is "Schmaltz", which is traditionally derived from chicken or geese. But that would be more of a fatty part, rather than the dark layer you are describing. See the Wikipedia article about it. Hope this helps.

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