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It is definitely a corn cob kernel remover, and works really well. See this video for how to use it.


You're over thinking this. Just toss it in the bin. There are plenty of other dangerous sharp things in bins already. Eg, broken glass, tin cans/lids, etc. Anyone going through bins (eg Freegans, garbage disposal workers, super spy's jumping out of buildings) knows to take precautions (or will learn quickly). Odds are that no one will go through your bin on ...


I can't remember where I got this idea but I striped the copper wire out of some 12 gauge inside wiring. I painstakingly formed it into a coil and placed it on the big burner. The cast iron skillet never touched the stove top and it also helps keep the food from scorching. Please remember not to touch it until it cools. You can hide it in the lid drawer ...

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