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If you had a plastic ladle, it may not be able to handle high-heat for an extended period of time. If it were in contact with the bottom of the pot, it's possible that it would get above 100°C, and depending on the material, could soften. It probably wouldn't melt entirely, but it'd be shocking enough that you'd question if anything leached into the soup, ...


If the ladle was made of aluminium (or aluminum, if you prefer), then it would be a bad idea to leave it in anything acidic, as it could contaminate the food with aluminium salts, which may (it's controversial) be implicated in Alzheimer's.


While I agree with john2103 I would also add that if the soup is thickened with tapioca starch, the soup could un-thicken due to the possible moving ladle.


Maybe because the ladle gets hot and could burn someone?


Cast iron is ideal, but any pot that can take the heat and has a tight lid will work. Like @talon8 said in his comment, it doesn't even have to be metal. This article from Around the World in 80 Bakes specifically uses terracotta for sourdough, not cast iron. Just as an FYI, this related question deals with preheating (for no-knead bread, not sourdough), ...


A few ways exist to keep your spoon from falling into your soup. The first of which is to not keep your spoon in your soup. How to do that however, is quite varied: Purchase a spoon rest. Use a clean and empty plate to rest your spoon on by laying the spoon head on the plate. I, being a bit of a frugal cook, don't own a spoon rest. I use a plate - ...


The obvious solution is to not let the spoon in the pot. While you may just let it rest on the pot, you can also use a spoon rest, as I do. Spoon rests I always let one of those on the oven so that I can avoid making a mess of my kitchen when I am finished using my ustensils.


Use a longer spoon? Stir, then set on spoon rack next to pan?


Don't use enamelware pots (that is a glass coating over metal) on your glass top stove. The glass coating will melt onto the glass top stove surface when you set the pot down on the hot surface and you can't get it off as it melds with the stove surface permanently. It happened to my mother in law. Flat bottomed stainless steel or flat bottomed ceramic ...

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