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The photo suggests you are using a knife that has serrations. Dirt can get trapped between the serrations. This is not likely to be metal from the knife, but the dirt.


FOUND IT! From The Sweet Home The Zeroll isn’t dishwasher safe. Often you’ll see that fact associated with the heat conducting core of the scoop, but that’s not really the culprit. The folks at Zeroll were able to explain a bit to me about how the core of the scoop works, and why it isn’t dishwasher safe. According to Zeroll, the fluid is a ...


In 1983 I had my 1st job at Braum's in Bartlesville store # 13. They are numbered in the order they were built. Anyway I asked that same question back then and the assistant manager told me they have mercury in them and mercury when heated up sweals . I not to sure how true that is but it could explain the warning though . It's just way dangerous in my opion ...

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