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In addition to the fact that some oils get quite a bit hotter than other, (so that hot with one oil isn't the same as hot with another), there is an in-between here that some cooks rank as a default option whenever inexperience prevails, namely warm oil. Regardless of which oil one is using, this can be achieved by applying an initial lower temperature to ...


Cooking with oil is a step by step process since you have to take care of few things so that the balance in food is retained. Being an Indian, where we use different kinds of oil in our daily foods, let me tell you few things which you need to remember while handling oils: Firstly, put the pan on fire and let it dry completely in case it was just washed so ...


This recipe confuses me in a number of ways. First the simplest: It calls for adding the remaining spice powders in two places, steps 5 and 7. One of my favorite food ethnicities is Indian, and in all my years of cooking and eating it there has always (with very rare exception) been one very important rule: Cook the spices. The difference in both taste and ...


Food grade antifoam. There are a zillion brands. Looks like most are silicone based.

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