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Listeria can be present and does not die when frozen.


I've recently tried a technique where I would add some vegetables at the beginning, removed the vegetables from the pot after a few hours and added a fresh batch of vegetables for the last 45min-1h. This allows you to get the flavors and better texture, but does introduce some waste.


In addition to choosing younger, colored potatoes, your cooking method can have an effect. The pH of the water they are boiled in can change their texture - adding vinegar helps keep them firm, baking soda for mashing. This affects all types of potatoes, so a bit of vinegar will help regardless of variety.


As already baked, I don't think so, it is possible to remove the bitterness. But you can make a curry (check some Indian recopies) with baked eggplant. It may help. To avoid this problem in future: Cut the eggplant in a salty water. Then drain it and bake it. Salt water will reduce its bitterness. [edited based on the comment. Thanks Stephie]

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