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The USDA thinks a medium onion is 2.5" diameter and weighs 110g, so that'd be about four per pound. (For completeness, they also say a large onion is 150g and a small is 70g.) In general if you want to look up information like this, just google "onion nutrition", and there'll be relevant results plus a knowledge panel on the right with a nutrition table, a ...


Peppers would be a good choice. Slice and clean them (by clean I mean scrape the insides and rinse, especially with hot peppers) Chopped roasted peppers would make a great addition to a cheese sauce to pour over the asparagus as well..


I would suggest zucchinis. They taste very good with olive oil and they will be ready at the same time as the asparagus.


Vegetable roasting times are somewhat depending on what kind of vegetable it is--broccoli is always going to take longer than spring peas. But mostly, it is dependent on the size to which you cut them. So cutting your other vegetables in smaller pieces will help. Also, you can start, for example, carrots and broccoli, and give them a ten minute head ...

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