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The meat itself From my experiencing working with venison, I have come to find out that venison meat is quite "soft" compared to other red meat like beef. You can find a similar kind of "softness" in veal, so it appears the age of the animal, or more specifically, how developed/tough their muscles is related to the texture (and flavor) of the meat. Here ...


Venison is deer meat. It typically has a flavor similar to beef but it is stronger. While I have not had any that tastes wild or gamey, I have heard that some cuts do taste that way. Veal is calf (very young cow). It has a very mild flavor, not at all like beef from a grown cow or bull. Some people substitute pork for veal in certain recipes as the taste is ...


Venison is the meat of a deer, whereas veal is the meat of a young cow (calf) which has typically been fed on milk only or a mixture of milk and regular feed. In terms of differences, venison is a rich, gamey meat, and veal is a pale-coloured, very tender beef. Hope that helps, but in future I would recommend searching online for an answer as this question ...


Ground Venison has a very low fat content. This is the main culprit for its texture and lack of flavor. I always add ground pork to mine in roughly equal proportions. This raises the fat content and gives it a better over all flavor. I also recommend that you skip the processor and butcher the deer yourself if possible. Skin it as soon as possible and then ...


The short answer: No, the gamey taste of venison is not a euphemism for rotten. Factors that may contribute to strong or "gamey" flavor in venison include: the animal's diet (animals that forage a lot of grain from farm fields rather than grasses, wild plants, and nuts have a less gamey flavor) its age (older animals tend to be gamier) the inclusion of ...


Michael Rhulman recommends 3 parts meat to one part fat when making sausage.


As well to add on to the comment above and might be in relation to the cooling and aging of the meat, overcooking it (medium at most) causes it to become gamey and tough. I love the gamey flavor however. Try Colorado Lamb and compare it to New Zeleand Lamb big difference in flavor

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