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I always treat venison as low fat because it rarely has any. It is grass-fed (at least it is in the UK) and so cooking will be the same as for lamb. This may be a more useful for timing guide: Sous Vide Cooking Reference Guide


Venison is deer meat. It typically has a flavor similar to beef but it is stronger. While I have not had any that tastes wild or gamey, I have heard that some cuts do taste that way. Veal is calf (very young cow). It has a very mild flavor, not at all like beef from a grown cow or bull. Some people substitute pork for veal in certain recipes as the taste is ...


Venison is the meat of a deer, whereas veal is the meat of a young cow (calf) which has typically been fed on milk only or a mixture of milk and regular feed. In terms of differences, venison is a rich, gamey meat, and veal is a pale-coloured, very tender beef. Hope that helps, but in future I would recommend searching online for an answer as this question ...

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