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I think the handwashing you're doing is the opposite of the best approach. Please use the dishwasher; it will heat water hotter than your hands can stand and that heat will get rid of the smells in the containers.


A food safe plastic container should never ever leave a "plasticky" taste in anything. However, the commonly used containers will literally absorb a bit of the food, especially oil-soluble compounds in it (notice how paprika and turmeric can permanently discolor them in a nearly irreversible manner) - and also put some of these compounds back into their ...


Baking soda is an excellent, food-safe cleaner for metal, glass, and plastic. You can use it as a non-abrasive scouring powder to remove the oily-waxy buildup from your containers. Baking soda also is very effective at neutralizing odors. However, if you continue to taste plastic or remnants of other foods, then it's probably time to retire those particular ...


There are many different types of plastic, but it sounds like your tupperware is made of the porous kind, which will hold on to food particles and explains your note. Heat will expedite the leaching of chemicals into your food, so you should use the containers only for storage, and heat up and eat food from an actual plate or bowl. If you have to continue ...

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