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Depending on how much water you have left over I might do one or more of the following: Toss in quinoa (GF ancient grain, 10m cooking time, estimate the same water:grain ratio as rice) Bulgur wheat/couscous (gluten-y, and will absorb lots of water without needing much cooking time at all...too much and it get's mushy fast) TPV (texturized vegetable ...


This sounds just like my cooking technique, and I have come up with a few ways to recover from overwatering. Always lowball the amount of water Like you said, you can always add water later. But if you're not watching the dish, you don't want the water to run out and burn. Corn starch Corn starch is a good way to thicken up the water into something more ...


Stuff happens to us all, especially when using highly scientific methods. If your seasonings/flavors are the way you want them and the only issue is too much liquid, just ladle out until you are left with amount of liquid you want. You can even save the seasoned liquid you take out (stored in refrigerator) and use it later when preparing another dish.


Your highly technical method, being what it is, provides its own solution to too much water. Just let it simmer a few more minutes with no lid. That's it. The flavors will intensify as the liquids reduce. Keep it right at that point between a simmer and a boil, it won't take long at all.

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