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Joe is essentially right. Bubbles form in a liquid at what are called nucleation sites - small irregularies in the container or in the liquid itself. If you look at the bottom of some beer glasses, there are little nodules (often in the shape of the brewer's logo) that nucleate bubbles of the CO2 that's dissolved in the beer. Much the same occurs with ...


I don't claim that it's true, but here's one more explanation, this one in favor of salt making water boil faster: http://www.swri.org/10light/water.htm Briefly, they say that salt has lower heat capacity than water, and so water+salt will heat up more quickly than water alone. This overshadows the tiny increase in boiling point that the salt will also ...


I recently asked this question to my dietitian friend at work, and she advised fruit/herbs last about 3 to 5 days in water in the fridge before becoming soft and mushy. If your mint leaf still looks nice and pretty, you are most likely OK. She also recommended a website to me: www.infusedwaters.com/faq for recipes and advise.

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