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After years of cooking, I don't really need this service anymore, but I sure did wish there was something good like this 5 years ago. I couldn't find anything then, though. However, I've seen a couple of sites pop up since then. I can't really testify to how well they work, because I haven't used any of them. But here are some things to explore: Recipe Key ...


Search engines like that, as you know, are more complicated to build than the standard recipe searches you see in most places, and many websites that have food recipes and are heavily utilized don't have them. If you want to ultimately be able to make juice based on the ingredients on hand, what I'd recommend is becoming more proficient at matching flavor ...


My wife and I have purchased from The Vegan Store many times and been happy with their product selection. They don't carry fresh produce, but they have all manner of dry and refrigerated packaged goods, as well as pet supplies, books, clothing and more. Their shipping page indicates that they do ship to Canada. If you plan on buying anything that needs ...


Go Dairy Free's list of online food retailers is a good start. Have a google of Indian/Asian/Baking supplies too. Doesn't have to be an all Vegan online source, eh? I relied on a middle-eastern import company for pulses years ago before they were available locally. Had to order 10K sacks! Learned to share the bargain with friends.


The site that has the best information I've found in regards to competitive cooking is Contest Cook. They don't quite meet all your criteria in terms of searchability, but they do some levels of sorting and provide a wealth of information on the contests they list (which are quite numerous).

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