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While a cookie press would at least have the nominal excuse of being multi-purpose1, it's... awkward to use for icing/whipped cream. What you might have been thinking of is an icing syringe (aka piping syringe, cake decorator press, or various non-informative names like "Dessert Decorator Pro").     While a decorating bag is vastly more ...


The chaulk gun for kitchens is called cookie press and looks like this: I know that some use it to decorate cakes and with whipped cream, too (some come with decorating tips, some don't), but IMHO it's a wiser idea to learn how to handle a pastry bag - the results will be better with sufficient practise. But if you should have problems with your hands or ...


My suggestion would be to use a piping bag. You can get various tips so you can change up the swirls and lines as you like.

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