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In the US, you can sometimes find something called manufacturing cream, which is over 40% fat. Still not quite UK double cream, but much closer than standard whipping cream. You'll probably need to find it in a restaurant-supply type of place; it's not something they carry at regular grocery stores.


Try whipping it more. The more it is whipped, the thicker it gets. Use guar gum. You can find it on Amazon. It is about 8x stronger than corn starch, so you can use less. I use it in my green tea matcha frappuccinos (frozen/iced lattes - like a smoothie). What you see in stores may be butter cream frosting. Mix about 1:4 butter:confectioner's sugar.


You could simply use Agar instead of gelatine... The disadvantage of Agar however is that it doesn't liquefy as easily as gelatine, but the advantage is that it's suitable for a vegan diet.


There are two things you can do to make the mousse stiffer: Reduce the water from the fruit. So use some kind of concentrate instead of the pure fruit. For example, you could cook down a syrup or jam and add it to the mousse. Or see if dehydrating juice gets you somewhere. Use more fat. Instead of whipping cream at 30 to 35% fat, you could use ...


However much you are making, use this ratio: 4 parts heavy cream/whipping cream to 2 parts sweetened condensed milk to 2 parts passionfruit pulp. Make sure that before you start, you whip the heavy cream until it holds in stiff peaks. This results in a mousse that has an almost custard-like consistency, but with a lighter feel. I don't know how to make a ...

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