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Substitution in preserved foods are generally considered unsafe. Food chemistry is a complicated affair, and cooking is inherently imprecise. Sure, you can find a way to reduce the pH to that of the original recipe. But a salami is a fermented food. Your pH might be the same, but other things will change, for example the composition of the available sugars, ...


I keep a bottle of white vermouth for cooking savory dishes. It is a reliable dry wine with herbal tastes. I regard it as an ingredient rather than a wine or beverage. It avoids the risk of getting a wine which is too sweet or too thin tasting. It also comes with a screw top and lasts a long time on the kitchen counter.


You can use garlic powder and leave it out. Two weeks. Then make fresh. Just make smaller quantities . 2/3 vinegars 1/3 olive oil.

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