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Yes. That's why the smell of baking bread is so intoxicating/addictive; the airborne trace alcohol goes straight through the mucus membranes in your nose into your bloodstream to your brain - think sniffing aerosolized vodka.... In some countries commercial bakeries have been required to filter the output of their air handlers to prevent "contamination" of ...


Changing the type of dry yeast used shouldn't change the amount of water you need. However, it will probably change the timing, so you'll want to keep an eye on the bread machine and adjust its rise times as needed. (And keep track of the new times, so you can re-use them if you make the same recipe again).


There are so many factors in the rising of bread, have a look at this previous answer for something more exhaustive. I will say that 30 minutes is pretty short, especially when you are starting from a cool dough. You are using milk, which will enrich the dough, and although you haven't mentioned it I'm sure there is salt in the mix, both of these will slow ...

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