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I think the question could refer to two somewhat different practices: (1) adding some commercial yeast to a particular sourdough recipe during the initial mix, or (2) adding commercial yeast to the sourdough culture itself, intending it to propagate from batch to batch. The first -- mixing in commercial yeast along with sourdough starter in a recipe -- is ...


It would probably survive, and possibly dominate as it's selected for reproducing fast. But the exact behaviour would depend on when you added it. Added late (i.e. just before the culture is used) it's probably meant to make a reliable rise while keeping a sourdough flavour. Whether this works or not is another matter.


I´ve made something that tastes exactly like NutriYeast. 1 day 1 cup cashew nut on water 2 days - 2 spoon of wheat on water to germinate, drained and than 2 days more (out of refrigeration) with half cup of water. drain the cashew and mix them with the water (now a dark murky water) of the wheat than.. 2 or 3 days it out of the fridge to fermentation.. the ...


I make challah -- A LOT! I found that letting it rise twice killed the nice puffy cord appearance that is the trademark of this bread. I mean, it tasted fine but it lost its distinct bursting at the seams look, making it less inviting. So, I started going with one rise, punch down and braid, then straight in the oven. The fact is bread keeps rising a bit ...

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