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I would use the base as a bread pudding base. If you have some stale bread, or even bread that will eventually become stale (it really depends on preference), and some raisins or any dehydrated fruit, this would make some tasty bread pudding. Re-hydrate the fruit with some of the alcohol. Heck, you might even have a favorite bread pudding recipe.


As Erica says in the comments, it would make a great eggnog. Add some hard alcohol (there are lots of recipes out there - bourbon, rum, brandy, or some combo). Whip the egg whites and then beat them lightly into the nog. Sprinkle with nutmeg, serve. The amounts you have will make a nog that has a higher cream:egg ratio than most, but it should still taste ...


What you have sounds like a cross between a zabaione and a custard. Depending on what equipment you have, you might consider: heating it slowly in a double boiler while whipping it. chill it, then use it to make ice cream. It's likely too runny to use as a soufle base (fold it into whipped egg whites, then bake). You might be able to augment it with ...

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