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Questions about naming and translation of culinary terms and phrases.
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Questions about food being preserved into glass jars, metal cans, or other air-tight containers using a variety of heat treatment steps to ensure an reasonable level of pasteurisation and/or sterilisa…
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Questions about cooking by submerging food in hot oil or fat.
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Questions covering wine for both cooking and drinking, including selecting appropriate wines
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Questions regarding facts about macro-nutrients within foods. Do not use for "what is healthy" or similar questions, which are off-topic.
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should be about traditional ingredients, preparations or dishes from Mexico - such as tamales, tacos or flan. Questions about ingredients common to Mexican-style cooking, but …
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a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as "yogurt cultures". Fermentation of lactose by these bacteria produces l…
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Topics around cooking without animal flesh or byproducts.
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Questions regarding baking and working with wild yeasts and starters (also known as levains or chefs).
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Questions about the use of salt, spices and other flavorings to create the desired flavor in the final dish. This tag is not intended to include questions about the care of cookware. For cookware ques…
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Questions about the identification and evaluation of specific ingredients.
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made of fat, flour and a thin liquid. It is typically light and flaky with a tender inside.
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Questions about storing food both before and after they have been processed or cooked.
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Vegan indicates that no animal products or compounds of animal origin are incorporated.
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should be about traditional ingredients, preparations or dishes from Japan - such as sushi, sashimi or mochi. Questions about common Japanese ingredients, but which aren't abo…
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Questions about preparing and serving sushi - a Japanese food which commonly includes short-grain Japanese rice (mixed with rice vinegar, sugar and salt), fish or shellfish, and nori (seaweed paper). …
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