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Running to catch up with all the cool stuff out there, interspersed pauses for good food and nice wine.

comment How do you score pork skin?
This is uniformly the answer I've received from asking Butchers this question (along caveat's do it very carefully).
comment What are some alternative wines for Boeuf Bourguignon?
As an aside, I've one book (Elizabeth David's French Provincal Cooking, I think) that refers to "Coq au Chambertin" with the practice of using "one bottle in the dish, two on the table". An expensive proposition these days (don't see many sub-$50 Chambertins in the UK). Doubt many (or possibly anyone?) could taste the benefit.
comment What are some alternative wines for Boeuf Bourguignon?
I suspect if you go to the parts of France where wine is grown less and apples more, like Normandy, you'd find the traditional local recipes used cider, just like the use of beer in Belgium mentioned in other comments.
comment How do I pound chicken (or other meat) without making a mess?
Tend to do it directly on the counter, not sure it would matter much though.