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#SOreadytohelp The Bridge Builder

                I am the first user
            to earn at least 30,000
            reputation points each

                    on all three of
                  Stack Overflow,
                 Server Fault and
                     Super User.

         I was also the first user to
surpass 10,000 and 20,000 points each
          on all three of those sites.

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I'm a Unix/Linux sysadmin/programmer

Devotion to Duty
Devotion to Duty
Try my unofficial Printifier for xkcd.

Stack Overflow 134,402 rep 32195267
Super User 48,171 rep 777121
Server Fault 36,694 rep 553101
Unix & Linux 3,737 rep 11122
Meta Stack Exchange 1,937 rep 11321

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