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I'm an enterprise architect working for several years for big companies in France and abroad, with a MS in Information Systems and a MBA.

During my studies, I used to work (among other jobs) as a software engineer, and still have some knowledge I can put to work and share :)

In my spare time, I like to travel, learn languages, kayak, and do plenty of other things.

comment How to ship holiday cookies?
Where did you ship them from?
comment salmon + microwave = BLAM, any suggestions?
You can also replace the soy sauce with lemon juice, and the chopped ginger with fresh herbs. Certainly not the best way to cook fish fillets, but a quick and still tasty and healthy way. This is useful when you're in places with only a microwave, e.g. at some workplace "kitchens"!
comment Can I use southeast asian fish sauce as a marinade?
You're welcome! I added a few links now that I am allowed post more than two. Enjoy!