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Learning mathematics for the better management of the heavens. Sometimes, the father (my thesis advisor) abandons me and leaves me to solve some mathematical problems helplessly. (It seems he does this often...)

I was the first to use Banach-Tarski paradox to something useful, but I admit I had no idea of the mathematical properties of what I did. Zermello wasn't alive at the time and the state of mathematics still couldn't produce the axiom of choice. I blame Euclid for his rambling against actual infinity.

FUNNY JOKE: Judas started his masters degree in financial mathematics and ended up his PhD as one of the first people to use knot theory in history. $\tiny \text{(You need to read the links to understand the joke.)}$

Songs I like to dance to:

EXERCISE TO THE FAITHFUL READER: Prove that the holy trinity is NOT an equivalence relation. (Hint: Transitivity)

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