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comment What is this black stuff coming off my George Forman grill?
@RossRidge metal (aluminum I think), it's supposed to be stick free but that's the other side.
comment How to get cheese melted without burning grilled cheese
No it doesn't have a temperature control. I'm beginning to find the Foreman isn't well suited for many things, what do you find it works well with?
comment How long is marinated raw chicken breast good for after it's been vacuum sealed?
What if it's forzen?
comment Is it a problem that the same flipper that touched raw blood touches the finished meat?
@Jefromi interesting, I think in Canada there is a distinction and I think there is some confusion. A long time ago I worked at Home Hardware and a lady asked for a spatula and I took her and pointed out what I thought was it but then noticed the label above was "flipper" and a spatula was something different.
comment Is it a problem that the same flipper that touched raw blood touches the finished meat?
@starsplusplus a flipper is different than a spatula
comment What part of the squid is edible?
Do you have any pictures so I know what to look for?
comment Is it true that putting spices in something then baking it destroys the spices?
@MandoMando it would have been pepper and oregano, but I'm just guessing, what spices normally go on lasagna?
comment What is the “idea” behind thawing out meat?
Everything, I have no idea why or if it's preferable to thaw meat out in the refrigerator vs a microwave (obviously microwave's faster but is it healtheir or tastier or anything else when using the refrigerator).
comment How to remove individual steaks from a lump I mistakenly froze together?
Ok thanks I've done what you've suggested. A couple things I noticed 1)is wrapping meat in plastic wrap defeating the purpose of using a vacuum sealer since they are already sealed air tight? Or is it not enough just to plastic wrap something and then freeze it? 2)I tried reusing the same bag to vacuum seal but it never worked properly, the sealing always had a small gap in it. Can vacuum sealing bags be reused? If no I guess ones best off using small bags for each individual steak (or whatever) since you'd end up throughing out a bag each time it's opened.