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Favs: Cooking; Baking; playing Pogo games; and spending the afternoon under a tree sharing a cup of coffee with my best friend in the whole world - my dear, sweet husband ... the love of my life!

You know you're getting older when you notice that more and more history questions happened in your lifetime! (Tom Wilson)

comment Why are my dumplings made of evil?
My sincere apology for not putting the bottom line up front, for a clear answer - I believe the odd taste was the combination of ingredients, the Heart Smart Bisquick w/ buttermilk. IMO, so-called low-fat or more healthy items are anything but "healthy". What is taken out to make items "healthier", chemicals are added in an attempt to make up for what was lost. I believe if whole milk and regular Bisquick or Jiffy Mix is used, the dumplings will come out wonderful. I posted my tips/recipe merely to perhaps help Yamikuronue to try and make them again. Many thanks to Aaronut for the welcome! :)